How can I archive or move my presets to a different device?

Using Nightfox HQ to store and move saved presets is not supported at this time, but will be coming in a future update. That said, if you wish to manually save your presets, they can be found by opening the preset panel and clicking "More" to open the import/export menu.

Selecting "Show Preset Folder" will open the folder where presets are stored on your computer. You can manually copy presets you wish to save from this folder into another, or use one of the export functions to export or import all of the presets located in the folder you have selected in the preset browser.

Note that when Nightfox HQ installs an update for a product, it writes fresh copies of the default presets into the designated directories. For this reason, saving presets with identical names to a default preset is not advised, as it may be overwritten and lost.

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