How do I move the sample files to a different location?

Nightfox HQ does not presently support automatically moving sample files for products that have already been downloaded. However, you can change the download location and re-download the files or you can manually move them. Use one of the two methods below if you wish to move your sample files.

METHOD 1: Changing within HQ (re-downloading)

To change the sample location:

  1. Uninstall all products whose samples you wish to move.
  2. Open the settings panel by first clicking the person icon in the upper right corner of Nightfox HQ and selecting “Settings.”

  3. Click “Change Location” and select the directory where you wish your samples to be installed.

  4. Re-install the products you wish to use, and the samples will be downloaded to your selected directory. The link file that tells the instruments where to find the samples will automatically be updated.


METHOD 2: Moving Samples Manually

If you do not wish to re-download your samples, you can also manually move your samples, which are located by default at the following locations:

  • Mac: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/ Nightfox Audio/Samples/
  • PC: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Nightfox Audio\Samples\

When you move samples manually, without using HQ, the product will ask where to find the samples the next time you open it. It will use this new location to update its link file, so it knows where to find the samples on each open.

(Pro Tip: if you open the "Manage" page for a product, you can click any file path you see listed to open a file browser at that location.)

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