Using the Main Tab

On the bottom left of the main tab is the voice mixing box where you'll see the 11 voices that this product, Grand Piano Suite, offers. These faders control the volume of each separate voice. Double clicking a fader sets it to the default position of -6db. If you hold shift and move one of the faders, they move together.

Right clicking a fader allows you to set that fader to a knob or slider on your midi controller using Midi CC. If you know the CC number of the control you want to use, you can select it, or just press CC Learn and move the control you want to set it to. Once set, the control on your midi controller will adjust the virtual control. This is true of most of the virtual controls within Nightfox Audio products - nearly all can be mapped to your Midi controller.

Selecting a voice by clicking its name opens the Voice Attributes box. In the Voice tab, you can change the pan, stereo width, and input delay of each voice individually, before it's mixed with the other voices.

To the right of the voice faders are the main page effects: Attack, Release, Cutoff, Drive, and Reverb. These are applied post-fader to the sum of all voices. Each can be controlled via its knob.

Clicking the name of the effect (e.g. Attack) opens a control panel where attributes of that effect can be adjusted, such as the envelope for Attack and Release, the Filter for Cutoff (including several types of filters), the Wave Shaper for Drive, and the Reverb settings for Reverb.

The MASTER volume knob is the final level for all signal leaving the product.

A video walkthrough of the Main Tab can be found here:

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