Using the Mod Tab

The Mod tab gives you additional functionality and funky effects to your tones. In the center are the GAIN, PITCH, and FILTER LFOs. Each has a depth and speed knob, as well as a drop down that allows you to select the shape that best suits your needs. Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square, Random, and Custom are all available. Custom allows you to build your own shape from scratch, clicking anywhere on the line to add a point, and right click to remove. Shift-click helps maintain control.

The Filter LFO is connected to the CUTOFF function on the main tab. When it's enabled, you can see the effects of the Filter LFO in real time by clicking CUTOFF on the main tab to open the filter page.

GLIDE adds a portamento, or a transition from one pitch to another.

  • TIME effects how long the glide is between notes, in milliseconds
  • RANGE UP and RANGE DOWN set the number of steps the glide takes along its path up or down
  • SMOOTH smoothes out the transition from note to note in milliseconds
  • SPLIT allows you to define the note on your midi controller under which GLIDE will not be applied. In other words, notes will only glide above the note number which is set on this knob

Using VELOCITY CURVE determines the amount of gain based on how hard the note was pressed on your midi controller. By clicking on the line, you can set as many points you want to in order to define your own curve. Right click to remove points.

A video walkthrough of the Mod Tab can be found here:

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