Using the Settings Tab

Open the Settings tab by clicking the gear icon in the upper right from anywhere in the product.

In the top left, you'll see all of the midi controllers that are currently connected to your computer. If you are on a Mac and you don't see your midi controller listed, ensure it's set up correctly on your computer by following this advice from Apple. Checking the box enables that midi device to control the product. To the right are the list of channels from your midi device that you wish to control the product. Most users should select "All Channels."

On the right, you'll find the system settings.

  • An Audio Driver is a program on your computer that interfaces between programs and your hardware devices to make sound
  • Audio Device allows you to select which device the sound from the program should be sent to
  • Output tells your audio device which outputs to use to output the sound from your product
  • Buffer Size is the amount of time allowed by your computer to process the audio. Lower numbers result in lower latency, but higher values improve performance
  • Sample Rate is the rate at which the audio is sampled, and should match the setting used in your DAW or in your computer's system settings
  • Global BPM should be set to Sync to Host if you are using a DAW, but can be manually set if you are using the product in stand-alone mode
  • UI Zoom Factor allows you to increase the rendered size of the product on your screen
  • Streaming Mode informs the product of the capabilities of your storage device

  • IRRE is a global function that effects the Timbre and Pitch of a note that is struck multiple times in a row. These knobs effect the degree to which Timbre and Pitch are adjusted between notes that are hit multiple times concurrently
  • Pitch Bend controls the overall amount of Pitch Bend that is effected in the product by the Pitch Wheel of your midi controller

The central panel of the Settings Tab allows you to view assignments made to midi cc. To clear all midi cc assignments, click "Clear MIDI CC" in the bottom right hand corner of the tab.

A video walkthrough of the Settings Tab can be found here:

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