Using the Effects Tab

The expression panels are one of the most powerful and under used features in Nightfox Audio Products. They essentially serve as a macro, allowing you to control multiple parameters with a single knob. That knob, l like all other controls in Nightfox Audio products, can be assigned to a physical control such as a mod wheel on a midi controller by right clicking on the knob, selecting Learn MIDI CC, and moving the physical control you want to assign.

EXPRESSION 1 allows you to tie a number of effects to the one knob by clicking the button next to each to turn it on (light is on, dark is off). The small knob next to each effect controls the range of each effect as it's applied to the expression. For example, the small knob next to Darkness determines the range of frequency the Expression knob will cut as its manipulated. Setting the Darkness range knob to 100 means the Expression knob has control of the full range of motion on the Cutoff knob.

  • CUTOFF is connected to the Cutoff knob on the main page.
  • DRIVE is connected to the Drive knob on the main page.
  • GAIN LFO is connected to Gain LFO Speed on the mod page. Turning GAIN LFO on this page automatically turns on the Gain LFO on the mod page.
  • RELEASE is connected to the Release knob on the main page.

EXPRESSION 2 behaves the same as Expression 1, but offers a different variety of effects.

  • PITCH LFO is connected to Pitch LFO Depth. Turning PITCH LFO on this page automatically turns on the Pitch LFO on the mod page.
  • REVERB is connected to the Reverb knob on the main page.
  • ARP RATE is connected to the rate of the Arpeggiator on the Arp page. Turning on ARP RATE automatically turns on the Arpeggiator.
  • FILTER LFO is connected to the Filter LFO Depth. Turning on FILTER LFO on this page automatically turns on the Filter LFO on the mod page.
  • PITCH is connected to the Pitch Bend knob in the settings page. It provides a similar function to the pitch bend wheel on many midi controllers, but is more customizable via the range knob, and can be combined with the other four effects on Expression 2.

The bottom three rows on this page allow for user selected effects. The effects are applied in order from the first slot through the third slot. Available are: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tape Delay, Ping-Pong Delay, Everb, Plate Reverb, Dirt, and Dist[ortion].

A video walkthrough of the Effects Tab can be found here:

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