Using Presets

In the top and center of every page is the Preset Selection box. You can flip through presets using the arrows, or click the center of the box to open the Preset panel. Click again on the center of the Preset Selection box, or select the arrow under the settings gear, to close the Preset Panel.

The Preset Panel is used to browse, manage, save, and load presets. A set of factory defaults is loaded upon installation. Presets are organized by two levels of directories. By default, all factory presets are included in the ALL top level directory, and separated into a few categories for ease of browsing. It is best practice to create a new top level directory to store your own presets in by clicking "Add" under the leftmost panel, because when Nightfox Audio product updates are installed, the factory presets are overwritten. Storing your own presets in a separate directory helps ensure that none of your saved presets are accidentally lost.

Navigating the folders is as easy as single-clicking on a folder you want to browse. Presets are shown on the rightmost panel. To the left of each preset is a star, which when selected notes the preset as a favorite.

At the top left of the panel is a button titled More that, when clicked, expands a menu with a shortcut to the preset folder location, as well as advanced importing and exporting features that allow a user to quickly back up and restore the presets from the selected folder. Please note that importing may overwrite any presets not included in the import.

To the right of the More button is the Search Bar, which can be used to search for presets by name. Selecting the Star to the left of the Search Bar will only show presets that have been marked as a favorite.

The Save Preset button in the top right of the panel is used to overwrite existing presets. Select the preset you wish to overwrite and hit Save Preset.

The buttons under the rightmost panel are used to Add new presets, Rename presets, and Delete presets. To add a new preset, simply configure the product with the settings you desire, open the preset panel, navigate to the directory in which you wish to save the preset by clicking the appropriate folder, and select "Add" under the rightmost panel.

Note that when Nightfox HQ installs an update for a product, it writes fresh copies of the default presets into the designated directories. For this reason, saving presets with identical names to a default preset is not advise, as it may be overwritten and lost.

A video walkthrough of Presets can be found here:

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