Navigating Nightfox Audio Products

This is the main tab of Grand Piano Suite, a Nightfox Audio product in the Melodics family. On the top left, you'll find navigation for all four tabs: Main, Arpeggiator, Effects, and Mods. Following are Presets and Settings. Click each to be taken to the article covering it in greater detail.

Here on the main tab, in the center at the top, you'll find the load or save preset box. Use the arrows to navigate between presets. Just click to open and you can save new presets or click an existing one to load it. You can learn more about presets in this article.

To the right of the preset box, you'll find the global pitch and pan sliders. An option click or a double click will reset these sliders (and most buttons, sliders, and knobs in the user interface). The "M" button is a master mute switch that will mute all signal leaving the product. The settings gear opens settings, which will be covered in more depth in this article.

A full product walkthrough can be viewed here:

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